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[REDACTED]: Alex is acting up. Maybe the introduction of Abby as a Moderator was a bad idea.

[REDACTED]: Just wait. This might be able to be mended. We'll give Abby another chance. After a break, of course.

[REDACTED]: Yes, of course. Abby will need a break. Alex doesn't seem to acting as they usually do. It is very odd.

[REDACTED]: That's very odd indeed. Hopefully everything will work out in the end.


[REDACTED]: Alex is gone. We do not know where they went. This is a very bad thing.

[REDACTED}: Of course, they are a very smart person. They know what they are doing and that is why this is such a problem for Danganronpa Love Letters. We will discuss this later, then. You know to always report things like this, [REDACTED]. We may even consider to move you up to replace Alex's job.

[REDACTED]: Of course. I await your decision!